Thursday, January 7, 2016

City of Alpharetta Tree Ordinance, Tree Removal Permit & Arborist Information

If you live in Alpharetta Georgia you must adhere to the following guidelines when you need to remove your tree(s):

City of Alpharetta Tree Removal Process

We advise hiring an Alpharetta arborist to manage your tree removal. However, the 3 steps below are a simplified version of the Alpharetta Tree Ordinance and process for Alpharetta residents to remove any unwanted, dead, diseased or hazardous trees:

1. A completed City of Alpharetta tree removal application must be submitted to the City Arborist at

2. The tree(s) that are to be removed should be measured using DBH (Diamater at Breast Height)

3. Deliver a sketch of your property, including structures and driveways. Include locations and numbers of the trees to be removed. Also the trees must be marked for easy inspection by the City Arborist.

The City Arborist office is located in the Community Development Division of Alpharetta City Hall.

tree removal ordinance alpharetta city hall permit

Alpharetta City Hall

2 Park Plaza

Alpharetta, Georgia 30009
Phone: 678-297-6000

Alpharetta Emergency Tree Removal Ordinance

When a resident faces an emergency tree removal situation in Alpharetta, it is handled by the Arborist division on a case-by-case basis. If disaster strikes and you have a tree emergency, contact the Alpharetta Arborist as soon as possible.

City of Alpharetta Arborist
David Shostak
Phone: 678-297-6229
Fax: 678-297-6071

If the emergency occurs during non-business hours, leave the Arborist a voice message, fax, or email. Document and take photos of the tree emergency and all damage. Submit the completed application and supporting documentation by the next business day.

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